How Sweet They Are!
Thanks to Capt. Rusty Whitby for this gem.  Taken during a survival training exercise. We were all NEKKID! Where the hell was the rest of the class?
Who could forget that ride in the Dilbert Dunker! There were divers in the water who would come to the cadets aid if he signaled for help by placing his palms together in prayer fashion. We had one guy who slapped his hands together before he ever hit the water.
Gals from Gulf Park College, Mississippi arrive to be Cadet's dates for the Regimental Ball. Gee, which one was Darrell Givens winner? Pantyhose had not been invented yet - think about it!
Capt. Jackson, ????, Frank Mezzadri, and George Conger
inspect the Cadet Regiment
We were angels, but the Devil lurked in the details
Ok! Keep it coming. Remember, no approach is so bad that it can't be salvaged and only the green guys bolter.
Can you believe it? Practicing something you have to get right the first time.
There I was, upside down, out of airspeed and running out of ideas.
A-13 check, first solo flight. One student, not a 32-57 guy, actually made his three landings and then returned to Saufely without his instructor.
George Conger and Gary Starbird set up camp. Note the tent made from a parachute.
From left: Bob Mitchell, Roger Walters, George Conger, & Frank Mezzadri
Cadet Regimental Commander George Conger